Putting myself out there

The Fountain Of Youth…..

Hello all!  I have found the Fountain Of Youth and partaken a sip of the enchanting waters.

I feel invigorated and spry.  NOT!  After drinking a small cup full I felt slightly disappointed.  I mean it’s the Fountain Of Youth for crying out loud!

Ever the optimist I purchased a small bottle with hopes that the water will  make me feel young again. I’m leaving it to “age” for the time being.

Thankfully, the day we went to the fountain, the water table and the fates were kind enough to make sure the sulphur content was low.  If any of you have drunk sulfur water – you know what I mean…rotten eggs…shudder!!!

So the point of this whole picture / story?  Well, let me jump right in.  Ouch, I think I broke a hip…lol

As painful as it is, everyday we all get older.  There is no stopping Father Time.  That would be going against Mother Nature.  After this past week I definitely feel my age and then some.  I’ve moved furniture, boxes and my family (which includes 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 fish and 1 turtle).  I’ve come to realize I have entirely too much crap!!  However a new house = a blank canvas.  It’s a chance to start anew and let go of the old.

Hard?  I guess so, I mean who wants to uproot all you knew to someplace else and start over.  I had my panicked moments before I realized it really is no big deal.  The biggest bonus is I get to focus on writing and building my career in it.  It’s what I’ve wanted since the days I longed to escape from Purgatory…..or better known as my old job….lol

I will be focusing on re-reading what I’ve read numerous times before with a clear head and a red pen.  I will finish what I started.  I will research more avenues for publishing.  I will NOT fall back into the rut I’ve been in for the past 6 months.  I WILL dig out that spare bottle from the Fountain Of Youth and chug it.  Surely, it will trigger my youth and let me take off in the right direction!  Just kidding, that would be gross.  Instead I will stare at the little bottle and will the magic into me.  The magic that Ponce De Leon believed that little watering hole welded. I will take that magic and chart my own destiny.

I leave you with one question…..Have you ever partaken the waters of the Fountain Of Youth?

With that being said…….Cheers!


4 thoughts on “The Fountain Of Youth…..”

  1. Nope, I have not, but I have been to St. Augustine. And it’s about time dear bestie! You are so very talented and I believe you will go farther than our shuttles…?

    Much love ♥

    1. Our space program was scrubbed…lol but I get what you mean. One of these dang weekends (when one of us hits the frickin’ lottery) we need to go to St. Augustine 🙂 and you can partake of the youthful fountain…..lol shits gotta work for one of us…smh

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