Putting myself out there

Reader Appreciation Award

Many thanks to mymagicalscape for the Reader Appreciation Award!  I’m honored that you thought to include me, and am glad that you found yourself back in the swing of things with your writing 🙂

Now the rules for this award, as laid out by The Reader Appreciation Award Foundation, only require the recipient to link back to the blogger who nominated them and to nominate 6 other bloggers that you follow and appreciate. Ahhhhh, an easy one 😉

My six nominees are:

  1. http://andrewtoynbee.wordpress.com/ (Because you were awesome enough to let me have a peek at your WIP – and I enjoy reading your blogs!).
  2. http://enjoylifeforonce.wordpress.com/ (I too find myself zoning out and feeling like my ends are unraveling. Thanks for reminding me to stop all the internal ish and get back to listening, really listening and caring about what is going on around me!).
  3. http://expertofnone.com/ (You say arse….ha ha – Love it! And for creating words that make me laugh.  I do so enjoy a creative mind…thanks!).
  4. http://drivelology.wordpress.com/  (Us snake haters gotta stick together – and you really know how to throw out the F-bomb in all the right places.  I love that you say what you mean, and mean what you say).
  5. http://texanaskitchen.wordpress.com/ (You’re latest post on the things kids say = priceless to me.  Both my kids would help me do laundry.  When we got to the bra’s they would say…here’s your boobies mommy (my wonderful husband taught them that)…lol.  On a cuter note,  my daughter used to say cinderella instead of umbrella).
  6. http://candaceknoebel.wordpress.com/ (Because you are my inspiration, my life line to sanity and the very best friend a girl could ask for).

Thanks everyone!


6 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award”

    1. You’re most welcome….thanks for pointing out the zombie mode thing, never thought of my wandering mind until I read your post. After staring off in space I realized I too have fallen into that mode…eek!

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