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Professional Vs. Creative

My sidekickWell hello there!

I wrote this several days ago and am now just getting a chance at posting it.  Lotsa ish has been happening at the Loveday household 😦

Between trying to get the household settled from moving and lack of sleep – the worst of it all went down today, today I had to say good bye to a part of our little family.  My 13 year old cat Cali is now resting peacefully in the back yard along with a piece of my heart.  It’s been very difficult to get back in the swing of things – but hey I’m trying, I guess that counts.

Ok…..phew…..so I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately, which makes me feel like a creeper…lol Anyone else feel like that?  I’m looking for witty people who, like me, are trying to get themselves out there.  I can relate to them and don’t feel that self doubt monster trying to creep up on me.  I like what they have to say and even comment on what they’ve written about.  I follow them in hopes that they too will see something in my posts they can relate to.  What stops me up short is those people who are so technical – don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad thing….it’s just not a me thing.

I read what they’ve written and I re-read it because I didn’t process it the first time.  It makes me feel like the book I’ve just written was done in red crayon on pre-school tablet paper.  It shouldn’t, since no-one writes the same, and everyone that writes has their own way of doing things.  I’m one of those kinds of people who takes what they’ve seen and implements it into the story.  I use feelings and gestures that can be universally “seen” when you read what I’ve written.  I don’t keep charts, or pdf’s or lists or whatever else you can think of to keep me focused.  I’ve tried it….several times and I tend to misplace them or throw them away because I never revert to them. This is stupid because I usually find myself needing that information sometime later in the story.

I read these posts and see professionalism in what they are saying and I know everything I’ve written to date has been anything but professional.  Does this hold me back?  Will it make me look bad in the long run?  How can anyone take me seriously if I can’t be serious?

It’s rather disheartening….but then so is the fact that I can’t focus on what they are saying, because I just don’t get their line of thinking.  For those who post in such a way, do you find it amateurish and just plain run of the mill for others like me to post in such a random way?  Or is it nice to read thoughts from an un-discovered person, like me, who doesn’t try to get to technical and can relate to others insecurities using humor to do so?

I’m not fond of big words or terms I can’t explain.  I would be short selling myself and creating a lot of hot air for others to read – that I myself don’t understand.

I’d like to think creativity comes in many forms through many walks of life and hope that others see it as well…professional or not.

For now I’ll stick to being me, it’s less complicated that way.  I’ll let the chips fall as they may with hopes I’m not ruining my career before it ever gets officially started.

So are you a creative spirit or a technical junkie?  Inquiring minds want to know – or at least my inquiring mind does!

For those of you, who find the humor in what I’ve written in the past, thank you.  To those of you who didn’t…it’s ok, I totally understand!

Thanks for stopping in.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say 🙂


31 thoughts on “Professional Vs. Creative”

  1. Firstly, I’m so sorry about your beloved Cali, it sucks when pets leave us. Secondly – an amazing post! I don’t make lists or pdfs & most certainly do not consider myself a professional – fuck I have enough trouble remembering my fantastic ideas I had at 2am – maybe I do need a list… keep being true to yourself & I’m sure it will all work out. Xx

    1. Thanks, that really means a lot 🙂 I almost didn’t post the blog – glad I did now.
      2 a.m., scrubbing shampoo in your hair….seems like all the good ideas come at such random times when you can’t quite get to a scrap of paper or a computer…lol

      1. doing the dishes, when I can’t get near a bloody computer, driving…just never when I’m sitting at the goddam computer…then the mind can go very blank..

  2. I much prefer when it’s more random. In my writing, I just do an outline for a chapter and then, away I go! I don’t make charts or anything either…it’s more like a movie playing in my head and I write it as I see and feel it. I relate much more to your style and approach.

      1. Awww, thanks that really means a lot. It’s been a tough few days, but it was the right decision 😦 Last night the other cats wandered the house looking for her. Which is weird because they never really paid attention to her before – or so I thought. They looked in all the spots she would wobble off to lay down and then would look to me as if to say “well, where is she?” Guess I’m not the only one missing her…

  3. I think creativity can be assisted with a “hint” of organization. I am a fly by my pants writer/creator and have found small ways where a little organization helps me focus on what I am working on and less and whether or not I am forgetting something.

    1. Yep – I think I need to have a notebook handy for the story I’m working on and leave it with the computer…..maybe my good ideas will fall into the screen and voila….lol no? Well, at least I’ll have something to jot notes on and doodle when I can’t find the right words 🙂

  4. I’m not partial to any style. I do me however best it seems. Sometimes I take notes because it’s hard to remember everything, so maybe I am technical. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that. It’s what works for me.

    1. Dear Mrs. Knoebel…..pshhhhhhh! Just kidding, I thought of you when I was writing that. I’ve seen your detailed lists and wish I could be so organized. I guess that’s why we get along so well….I get out of line and you keep me in check 🙂 – I say something funny and you laugh….see we balance each other out!!

      1. It is sad but sometimes it is kinder to let the fur babies go. I’ve noticed how the others will look for them once they are gone too. A little extra love for them helps all parties involved, I think. Nice to know that someone writes the same as me because I also felt like it was very unprofessional and scattered, but I can’t seem to do it any other way!

      2. Me neither…..although it helps to look at all the “greats” and see how some of them were so crazy – and yet so creative….lol There’s hope for me yet!

      3. I wasn’t berating you Missy! I was “just saying”. lol. I think we all work in our own ways and you are just expressing yours. I have to have lists, you know that, I get sidetracked WAY to easily.

        And yes, we keep each other grounded! Couldn’t do me without my Bestie!

  5. I’m with you. I can’t plan my writing. Just doesn’t work for me. The thing is I don’t think there’s any right or wrong way to write. You just find your way. The trouble comes when ‘your way’ becomes superstition. “I have to be facing east, must have a Colombian coffee and one sock on to find my muse.”. Please!

    By the way I don’t do reciprocal follows. This post alone was enough to make me subscribe.

    1. Thanks! Being new on the blogging scene has been a bit of a leap of faith for me. Putting my thoughts out there has held me back for so long, for fear of sounding like the newbie that I am. I’m pleased to say that I have found a community of awesome people who share my fears and insecurities, along with my thoughts and ideas. Thanks again for subscribing, I look forward to your future posts!

  6. Sonya
    I’m a confirmed ‘pantser’ – making it up as I write. It’s very refreshing. I could never plan everything to the nth degree, otherwise the story is already done before I begin – and where’s the fun in that?

    That said, a little planning can make all the difference. I know how my story is going to end – everything then flows towards that, by whatever route my Muse fancies.

    I understand what you mean about everyone else’s working looking more professional than my own. I get that thrill of fear right before I hit the ‘publish’ button.
    ‘Who’s going to want to read this drivel?’ I think to myself as my cursor slithers away from the button.
    But then I take a deep breath, steel myself and go for it – usually with encouraging results.
    I get the same feeling as you when I read others’novels. My work is shamed, I feel. But after a while I sit up and think, ‘No, dammit! Mine’s good too – it’s just different. It’s just MY voice.’
    And so the world is put to rights.

    Write on!

    My condolencies too…I have lost many a furry friend and it hurts no less when each one passes through the veil.

    1. Thanks Andrew! I’m finding more confidence after each post, or I should say after getting such positive feedback from my posts. It’s been great encouragement, so I keep plugging away at it. Right now I’m re-editing and cutting to clean up my first novel. I think the break I took from it was benificial. I’m seeing it with fresh eyes and a more positive outlook. Also, thanks for the kind words for my Cali. I like what you said about passing through the veil. It gives me comfort to know that she’s going to a place that sounds magical 🙂
      I will….as you say…..write on!

  7. I’m sorry to read about your cat. That’s not an easy thing to heal, it takes time and lots of un-ish sorts of days. I wish you many of them and soon. 🙂

    I’m not into charts or other technical aides, but that could be because I lag behind in technology. I don’t mind that. I’ve taken many writing classes and looking at all the great stories people have written over the ages, I don’t think technical implements are necessary. I’m confident like Rosie the Riveter, “WE CAN DO IT!” So roll up your sleeves and keep writing. (and no, I never feel like a creeper, blog reading is not like snooping in a diary.) It’s all good.

    1. Aww, thanks! It’s getting easier as the days go by. Thankfully the “ish” level is getting better…lol I guess all the bad stuff compiles and you break only to build yourself back up again. It’s a hard way to rebuild but it sure makes for a more sturdy foundation 🙂
      My sleeves are rolled firmly in place as I trudge onward into the editing battleground! Annnnnd I no longer feel like such a creeper! Now I’m more inclined to the feeling of “I’m glad I found you” when I stumble across great bloggers, like yourself! Thanks for stopping in and leaving me a comment ~ it’s great reply’s like yours that keep me going 🙂

  8. I think that I am considered to be something along the lines of an analytically creative technical junkie. — Interesting how each word focuses on the hard sound of the ‘K’.

    Write in whichever way works for you. Being yourself is the best that is available to you; after all, being someone else would definitely be more of a chore than a pleasure.

    1. Agreed 🙂 Although I do wish I had more of the technical side sometimes, it sure would help keep me focused. I may try it, start out small, and grow from there. Baby steps are the best bet for this girl! Thanks for the comment..oh and I focused on the “K” took me a couple of times *palm to forehead* but I got it…lol There is hope for me yet!!!

  9. I love this post Sonya and can totally relate, The more of the technical stuff I learn, the more overwhelming! But I know I’ve got to learn some of it in order to break into print. Still, there’ll be none of that without my own creative, custom voice creating unique pieces of writing! ps, Thanks for the ‘follow.’

  10. I too am so sorry that Cali has passed over. I love cats, and horses, and dogs, and animals in general. If you don’t already have this book, I read every time I lose a precious baby: “Animals in Spirit” by Penelope Smith. It might give you some peace.

    Thanks for the follow. And in the meantime, know there are animal people all over who care. GG

  11. Thanks GG ~ I’ll look into that book. I tell ya, that was one of the hardest and worst decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life and it just about broke me 😦 It took some time but it’s a little easier knowing that she’s resting where the Alamandia’s are blooming these big beautiful yellow flowers. It brings me a sense of peace that she’s surrounded by such beauty. Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for the follow 🙂

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