My Crazy Life

Enjoying My Last Few Days Of Freedom

Hello again 🙂

The last dregs of freedom are slipping by as the countdown to the new school years starts.  I dread it as much as I welcome it.  Conflicting…..I know!

So tonight is meet the teacher night……and now we have two schedules of 7 classes to meet teachers.  14 teachers in one night…ugh!  To top it off all 14 of those teachers will have set supplies that the kidlets will need for their classes.

Let the craziness begin! Hence the photo to the right……..this is where I wish I were instead of gearing up to shake hands and introduce myself.

My daughter absolutely hates when I do this.  It embarrasses her because I usually start off with something like this…..

“Hello, nice to meet you.  This is my daughter and she is a Type 1 Diabetic”.

If the floor could open up and swallow her she’d be eternally grateful.

My son on the other hand……oh boy!

I hope this year is the year where he focuses.  He is soooooo much like me that it’s scary.  I’ve got a years supply of duct tape for his mouth, a shock collar – it worked for the and A LOT of ibuprofen for those moments of banging my head in frustration.  Ok, ok ,so no shock collar and duct tape, but it’s tempting at times. I call him my flutterbut, he’s constantly in motion…arms, legs and mouth.  It’s exhausting at times.  It drives his sister to distraction.  She’s more of the sit quietly and read, draw or play computer games.  She always been one to come home, get her homework done and has carried straight A’s and one B (that was 1 point away from an A – it drove her absolutely crazy).  I fight tooth and nail with him until he settles in and complains his way through every homework assignment……ibuprofen please!!!

So here’s to another school year beginning, cross your fingers, toes, eyes and feet that we all make it through it…lol

Thanks for stopping by!

As always, I welcome your comments 🙂

*On a personal note to all the other parents….Best of luck in the upcoming school year!


5 thoughts on “Enjoying My Last Few Days Of Freedom”

  1. Ha ha, I can so relate to your son…my type 1 diabetic son is my head-banging, drug-inducing kinda kid…teen actually, nearly bloody 14! Smart as all get out but effort is zilch…we are half way through the school year & I’ve lost count at the amount of calls we had because he’s not doing any work!! Frustrating is an understatement. Good luck with you new school year – just think, it will be Christmas soon 😉

    1. Your life sounds a lot like mine – we’re like mirror images across the pond…lol
      And don’t you just love those moments when their numbers are so high you would swear the anti-christ is trying to escape out of their bodies. It definitley makes life interesting sometimes :/
      Oh, annnnnd I’ve already threatened my son that if I get a phone call in the first week of school, that his ass is grass and I’ll be the lawn mower…lol

      1. 😀 anti-christ..yep….like some wild-eyed demon is trying to escape some days. I’ve always preferred my son when he is low…very placid & pleasant..shame I can’t keep him like that 😉

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