Putting myself out there

Burning The Midnight Oil

Mr. Owl…how many nights have I stayed awake to finish these edits? One, to-who, three?

Hello all 🙂

I’ve perched on my roost and am ready to begin another night of edits (after I finish this blog…of course).  I am the proverbial night owl – who (lol) pays for it in the morning.  My mom tells me that, as a baby, I got turned around in the crib and never have been right since.  I have to agree, since I can’t disagree, that my days and nights are backwards.  It’s really gonna suck come Monday when the kids go back to school.  I may have to start a coffee IV so that I can function enough to drop them off.

It makes me wonder how I got so off course….it could be the fact that I’m just not smart enough to go to bed.  Or maybe it’s because I find my ideas flow more freely once the sun goes down.  Whatever the reason, I come to life somewhere after 9 p.m. and usually sometime around 2:30 a.m. I’m cursing myself for not being smart enough to go to bed.  It’s a vicious cycle.

For now, I can’t complain too much – I’ve gotten a lot done,.  I do, however, see a nap in my future.  Sometime tomorrow though around noon, I can’t interrupt the good flow I’ve got going 🙂

I’m off to edit….that’s if I can tear my eyes from the TV.  Worlds Dumbest is on and that’s some funny ish!

Good Night All!  Oh wait….Good Morning!



5 thoughts on “Burning The Midnight Oil”

  1. Hi Night Owl. Hope you are safely tucked up in bed now the sun is shining and you got lots of editing done last night, not just watching that box in the corner.
    Sleep well.

    1. Hi Pat! I had a good stretch of editing until 2, then staggered my way to bed and slept like the dead. Only to curse the sun uppon waking…lol Maybe once this last stretch of summer is over I will be more willing to greet the day – it’s to fargin’ hot to appreciate it now 🙂 Oh and I was able to tune the idiot box out long enough to feel like I’d accomplished something 🙂
      Happy Sunday!!!

  2. Sadly, I’m quite similar:(
    However, I’m getting better because my little ones wake me so often during the night and they rise with the birds, and after years of this I began to stop functioning. But I am and always have been a night owl! And I too have to contend with early morning rushes beginning again next week as its back to school. Here’s to coffee! Cheers

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