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Queries, Synopsis and Submissions….Oh My!

Behind this pretty owl is an evil cactus that draws blood every time I’m near it.

Hello everyone! As you can see I’ve posted, yet again, another owl…lol.  I bought him in St. Augustine last February and was finally able to hang him up in just the right place when we moved a few weeks back.  He guards my kitchen window, protecting me from the massive cactus, that I swear is out to kill me, any time I’m near it.  It might be because I threaten to dig it up every time I walk by it.  And I’ve walked by it a lot.

My arch enemy….

There hasn’t been a moments rest since we moved in to the new house.  Each weekend brings us one step closer to getting the place back in order.  There are LOTS of things still needing to be done and (un)lucky me, they are all outside.  It’s hot out there and I’m more of a cooler temperature kind of girl.  Our new front yard, to my distress, resembles the garden section of Home Depot with all sorts of prickly, pokeys. I’ve clipped, trimmed, weeded and cursed my way through a good majority of it and long for the day when it’s all “done”.

Wont’ be much of a break because come October, every single one of those wonderfuls in my front yard is getting a haircut – a very short one!

The jungle

So writing on the weekends is pretty much out. By the time the sun goes down so do my eyelids. As you can see from the picture on the right – I have my work cut out for me. This is just a brief glimpse of what resembles a jungle running down the front of the house.  After a full days work you can now see mulch and all of the 9 different flowering bushes.  The neighbors have come to visit – they are excited that after 2 years, yes 2 of them, someone is taking care of this mess.  I’m glad I could be of service..lol One of our new neighbors introduced herself by saying this “I don’t know who you are but we love you”.  Yes, friends it was that bad before we started.

Front yard planter #2

I’ve spent a good portion of one day on this little area too….it’s coming along nicely but still needs a lot more work.  Before I started you could not see the bottom of the trees…and there are three of them, and some sort of yellow flowering bush and a pink blooming one.  Sorry, not completely up on my flora and fauna species :/  However…..they attract butterfly’s and dragonfly’s and bees, gotta take the good with the bad sometimes, I suppose. 


Anyways……I’ve haven’t had a lot of time to write.  And now that the kids are back to school I have to force myself to go to bed…. so there goes my late nights.  I’m forced to be up before the sun …….grrr and had to restructure my whole schedule.  At least it’s quiet during the day, because after 2 it’s homework time at the Loveday kitchen table.  2 kids, 2 sets of homework and a whole bunch of bickering……help me!

And FINALLY we get  to the topic of my title after all that above nonsense….I’ve started submitting my queries!!!  It’s exhausting work.  I’m totally committed and am even stalking…er, looking up the agents and publishing houses.  If they have blogs, I’m reading them.  If they have sample queries, even better!  Let’s face it, writing the book is the easiest part, finding the right place to present it to,  not so much.  I’ve found a few places to submit to and did all of my research before sending that hopeful email.  Not sure how you fellow writers feel, but even had several nauseous moments before I clicked that little send button. The rest of this week will be more of the same.  Research, research and yes you guessed it…more research.

Hopefully I will get something positive back – wish me luck….I could always use an extra helping of it!  Especially with that dang cactus…..now if only I could find a way to kill it keep it from attacking me 🙂 How’s your week going?  Would you like a cactus?  It has really pretty yellow flowers….no?  Well, crap…lol

Thanks for stopping in ~ Hope you’re having a great day!!


13 thoughts on “Queries, Synopsis and Submissions….Oh My!”

    1. Thanks for the well wishes and the receipe, I was also told you can make jelly as well….not sure how either would taste though. I suppose if I ever get done with the clean-up I could try a few. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  1. your cactus is a prickly pear…considered a weed in most places..hard to kill too..good luck with the submissions

  2. I like cactus! What’s more nausating than a query letter send button? The responses that are form letter no. I only ever got one with feedback, which was we don’t like the subject. Ah, well! Best of luck!

    1. I agree, the no’s are no fun…lol Already got my first one, this go ’round but that was to be completely expected. I think I prefer the no’s to complete silence. As for the cactus……it met it’s end 2 days ago (insert big evil grin here). It’s been replaced by a butterfly bush that blooms pretty yellow flowers -and the bonus is, it doesn’t attack me!

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