Putting myself out there

Let the festivities begin!

Hello everyone!  Happy Sunday 🙂

Caution: This portal contains the magical land of beer!

Team Knoebel / Loveday have been plotting planning the next step in the release kickoff of Candace’s debut novel Born in Flames.

After several nights of reduced sleep and lots of texts, phone conversations and kitchen table meetings, Candace and I have come up with some really awesome marketing ideas to keep the hype going on her novel 🙂  We’re kicking it off with a party…woot woot!  We’ve discussed fire-eaters, lava spewing volcano’s and all sorts of other fire related ideas…..they got vetoed!

Before you say boooo, let me explain.  My family loves fireworks, I’ve watched them in action…..it’s kinda scary…lol.  The thought of turning them loose near anything more than colorful gunpowder with a fuse, was a bit scary for me.  So we settled on more un-flammable ideas 🙂

The hubby (one of the pyros) and I have been working really hard at getting everything ready for Candace’s moment to shine.  We’ve cleared out the garage and brought our bar out of storage…YAY!  We now have our second fridge plugged in and ready to go. It is currently keeping the Land O’ Beer nice and chilled 🙂

The watering hole

So here’s the bar….behind it is a mess that still needs to be sorted through.  We worked from the wee hours of the morning till the sun dropped to ensure Candace’s party is a success.  I can’t wait to celebrate!!!

The other part of our sleepless nights………waiting on reviews.  It’s one of the most torturous moments in a writers career..lol  Knowing your work is out there in the hands of many and you have to sit and wait to hear what the readers have to say.  Thankfully Candace just received her first review from fellow Author  Cassandra Giovanni – click to view.  Cassandra did what I couldn’t do…..she snuffed out the growing anxiety Candace had about her first review!

There are only so many ways to tell your bestest friend that she is a talented person.  It takes that one review, from someone other than family, to take the edge off the pure moment of panic when you have that OMG moment.  That moment when you know your book is out there being read, being judged and there is nothing you can do but wait until the comments start rolling in.  This is the same moment in time where you let all your self-doubt crash in on you….oh no my friends, it doesn’t creep – that ish comes crashing in like unwanted house guests from hell…lol

Her second much-anticipated review comes from Terri’s Book Addiction, which is part of Candace’s blog tour, hosted by The Secret Sanctuary of Books.   This is another review Candace is extremely proud of!  Insert “I told you so” here…sorry Candace, couldn’t help myself!

Now to show some Author love:

Cassandra Giovanni – Candace’s awesome first reviewer is also anticipating her upcoming release of Walking in the Shadows. Stop by her page and give her some love!  Can’t wait for her book release – I know I’ll be one of those ready to click on the “Buy Now” icon 🙂

Thanks for stopping in and listening to my boasting.  I will shamelessly admit that I’m jamming up everyone’s news feed on Facebook with all the likes, shares and comments on Candace’s book.  That’s it from me for now……stay tuned for pictures from the release party….eeeeee,  I can’t wait!!!


8 thoughts on “Let the festivities begin!”

  1. I only speak the truth! I hope you guys have an awesome time at the release party! Candace deserves it, and may I say you seem like a pretty awesome best friend!
    PS thanks for the shout out to Walking. I’m getting nerved up about the reviews already and it’s not out until Halloween!

  2. Thanks Cassandra 🙂 You’re invited too, by the way! What a perfect release date for your novel! When Candace and I started our business – our paperwork was dated October 31st. That day is fated to be an awesome day!!

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