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A successful book release party..

on September 17, 2012

Goes a little something like this:


Quick, hurry up and blow out the flame before we catch fire!

Once the crazy blue flame is out:


Then you cringe like this:

I don’t care what they are called….they do not taste anything like Dr. Pepper…yuck

Here’s what they look like before we got served…lol

Flaming Dr Peppers compliments of the Loveday bar 🙂

We had an awesome time celebrating the release of Candace’s book Born in Flames.  I’ll be re-blogging Candace’s post about the party, but I just couldn’t help but let you guys enjoy these pictures while we wait for the blog recap of the main event!



3 responses to “A successful book release party..

  1. Haha… loved the photos. That would be me after taking the shot:)

  2. Great photos! thanks for sharing. Wish you much success!

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