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Celebration time……

Hello all  🙂

That’s right – it’s celebration time…Celebration, Florida that is.  We’re getting all of our stuff together for the Fall Festival’s and Winter Festivals coming to our local craft fairs.  It’s exciting – this time of year!  The cooler weather and change of season bring a bigger smile to my face, a pep to my step, a…..well you get the idea.

So I’m still healing from the little bite-y’s.  The itching has gone away but the marks have not….ugh!  It looks as thought I’ve taken a red marker and dotted my leg like some kind of connect the dots nightmare…..and the looks you get when you walk around in shorts is nothing short (har har) of priceless.  Thankfully, I don’t have to go to far and have done a decent job of keeping the offending dots away from prying eyes…lol

Now you can fully understand why I felt the need to share with you my story of the little bite-y’s…lol

So anyways……back to celebrating!  There are lots of fun times coming up for Candace and I as we begin the busy holiday season.  With any luck our art and craftiness will move up to the next level of actually being a business.  Otherwise, we’ve spent a whole lot of money for nothing.  The license renewals alone are staggering – add to the fact that I have to cough up even more money to change the address for the business. My checkbook sobs when I reach for it.   My hubby sighs each time I dole out more money to keep the dream alive – he’s such a great guy though.  He tells me after the long sigh…”You have to put money into it – to get money out of it.”  I don’t know if he’s trying to make me or him feel better about it…lol

So we’ve got some of our inventory still stocked and are brainstorming tomorrow on what else we need to make – it’s always a good time when Candace and I can hang out and put our creative minds together 🙂  For now here’s a glimpse at one of the few Shadow boxes we have that will be on sale at the craft fair…..

This particular box was made by Candace as she was writing her first novel Born in Flames…..the dragon from the cave 😉

Taking pictures of completed boxes with plexiglass is very hard…..I dislike that you can see reflections when a picture is taken, sigh, oh well I think these ones are ok enough to share 🙂

Fae Tis Moor – Dragon shadow box created by Candace Knoebel.

Here’s the shadow box without the lights turned on.  They are lots of fun to work on and really allow for the creative side to be let loose 🙂  You can see the other boxes that have been sold on our website

Here’s the box all lit up with 2 sets of 15 count LED lights.  I’ve been stashing it until Candace’s book was released……stop rolling your eyes Candace!  The box made its debut at Candace’s release party and now it’s making its way into the e-world.  I hope whomever buys it loves it as much as I do!

So, yeah, it’s going to get hectic again for us.  I think we secretly like the craziness of it all and might possibly need our heads checked…..but that’s a whole other topic for another time…lol

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

What kind of fun things do you have planned for this time of year?


5 thoughts on “Celebration time……”

  1. I can’t believe all of the little bitey marks! So much worse than I imagined when you told about them. Hope the itching has stopped. The dragon shadow box is amazing. I’m sure more so in person with the lights on. Very cool.

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