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Medium please!

Hello 🙂

I’m currently watching re-runs of Long Island Medium and I have to say…I really love Theresa Caputo.  My awe of Mediums started with John Edwards and his show, Crossing Over.  I watched it faithfully while I was on one of my unplanned hiatus’ from work.  My daughter was still toddling arround and my son wasn’t even born yet.

The reason I’m rambling on?  I wanted to share an experience with you – one I fully believe was my own message.  So like I said, I was in front of the tv every day John Edwards came on.  His setting was a little different from Theresa’s since he had a stage and her readings are done at homes and booked, group readings, however it was my starting point in acknowledging that these awesome people exist.

Ok, so on to my story.  I’d watched a few of his shows and had one of those moments where I actually spoke out loud to an empty room and said “if this is real….prove it to me”.  The very next time I watched John Edwards’ show he had two woman in his audience.  They came together and were sitting in the back row.  Both women did not know each other until after both of their daughters had passed.  The first womans daughter had passed on from a tragic car accident that left the other mothers daughter heartbroken and struggling with the death of the first girl.  Neither girls knew each other.  The second mothers daughter died (I can’t remember how long) after the first girl.

The mother of the second daughter contacted the mother of the first daughter after her own daughters passing – because it had effected her own daughter so much before she passed.  The story unfolded and I sat riveted to the tv….it was heartbreaking to hear how these two mothers had found each other after losing their daughters in tragedy.  Now here comes the validation……the second mother said “Quimby was so devastated” over the loss of (I wish I could remember the other girls name…sorry).

If I had breaks – they would have locked up.  My breath caught on a gasp and then I started smiling.  My grandfather passed away when I was very young.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him – miss him like crazy.  His last name….?Quimby.  Message received Gramp ;).  I belive it’s the little things that occur if you’re a believer.

Harold Russell Quimby

How about you…? Ever had one of those moments that’s been validated for you?

Thanks for stopping in!


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