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How much is too much?


Little Miss Chloe finds the oddest places to sleep!

Hello all 🙂

That’s Chloe (above) – the youngest member of our family.  She’s spoiled rotten.  You can usually find her peeking over my computer or sitting in my lap while I’m trying to work.  She’s lots of help 😉

So anyways…….I’ve recently downloaded my horoscope under the insistence of the bestie 🙂  she swears by it and 9 chances out of 10 it’s been right on target for her.  So ya, I downloaded it.  Know what?  It’s creepily accurate – almost annoyingly so :/

How you may ask? Well lets just break it down.  It starts out by telling me that I have waaaaay to many things going on at once and the more I try to spread myself thin over all those things, the less likely I will be successful.  Can you say dislike?  Ugh!  No matter how much I want it all to fall in place, I know that something is not getting my attention.

My list:

Kids – they are just little time consumers all on their own.

Cleaning up after said kids – need I say more?

Editing the edited version of my previously edited book…bahahaha.

Unpacking all of my crafting supplies and getting them organized.

Craft fairs – one this month and two next month.

Creating enough products to sell at said craft fairs.

Weeding the garden of Eden – better known as my front yard.  At least I don’t have to contend with the Cactus anymore 😉

Sweep my floors – and sweep them again, better do it one more back-breaking time cause the dog just scratched her self stupid and the fur is coming off in dust pan size heaps.

School projects – OMG  there are like a bajillion of those bad boys all lined up waiting on my attention.  Let’s face it teachers, Mom’s and Dad’s are just as much involved in the project as the kids are – maybe even more so, since we’re fighting tooth and nail just to stop the tears (and those are just mine never mind the kids too….eesh!)


I have a lot of irons in the fire – projects – general craziness going on in my life that there is no way to just pick one and then move on.  I’ve finally gotten a few of the smaller things done.  I’ve renewed the business license and changed the address, gotten documents notorized and written enough checks to make my bank account beg for mercy.

I’ve started the editing process on my book……again.  And twice a week, Candace and I are getting together to make items to sell at the upcoming Celebration craft fair and then again at Harmony for the Winter Fest.  Both locations will be awesome since they start late afternoon and go till 8 p.m. – The shadow boxes do extremely well when it’s dark!  And Candace has sold a painting that had LED lighting 🙂  There’s something about the lighting that draws people to our booth.

Now the fun begins, I think 😉 This time of year is when a majority of the craft fairs are in full swing – which means so are Candace and I.  It’s fun, we enjoy the craft time / bestie time.  Maybe, just maybe we’ll start showing some profit….wouldn’t that be nice!

We’ve revamped our logo and ordered business cards and shirts so we look all professional like when we set up to show our wares.  Candace has even been given the go ahead to put her book on flash drives and sell them….YAY!

Now for the second depressing horoscope.  It tells me that I have made a choice recently that I’m now beginning to regret.  That I made the choice under duress and that there was probably a pressing deadline. (uh, duh…my business license was about to expire).  It goes on to say that I should consider all of my options and that I may continue to feel that the choice I made was the right one – that I will gain a greater sense of peace about it.

I thought about it for a few minutes and yep, peaceful I am.  It may never be a huge money-maker – but it’s fun and a great artistic outlet.  As for the horoscope app? Keeping it – at least it makes me think about the decisions I’m making and pushing me to tighten up all my loose ends 🙂

Horoscopes anyone?

Thanks for stopping in! Now I’m going to go pass out….it’ll go something like this:

Abby….or better known as Fat Mama








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