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A Northern Maine State of Mind

The leaves are getting ready to show off a beautiful color display that I miss :*(

Hello everyone!  I thought I’d give you a little  bit of northern Maine today.

I was born and partly raised in Presque Isle, Maine.  “It’s not the end of the earth but you can see it from here.”  I hail from the “County” and even through two moves, still consider it home.  It’s hard to get that way of life out of your blood once you’ve known it.  I grew up surrounded by family and love.  Cousins who drove you crazy one minute and then sat down to play checkers or Rummy with you the next.  Grandparents that did nothing but give you their precious time versus gifts.

Us grandkids were very lucky to have had the experiences we did growing up.  From fishing in the brook down the road to planting and then harvesting a well-tended garden.  There was always something going on at our grandparents house.  Although house wouldn’t be the proper term for what they provided to all of us – a home.  A home of fresh biscuits and family dinners.  Multitudes of laughs and a sense of family that no money could buy.  Gram and Gramps home was a great escape for all of us!

We all had nicknames and special places in the heart of our grandparents.  I’ll break them all down for you – I’d say sorry to all my cousins for outing these special names – but I find that I don’t want to be sorry.  They were given to us by a special man who loved us very much and it’s my way of remembering him and keeping his memory alive.

Ok so here it goes – all of our nicknames in order of oldest to youngest:

Terry – Bim

Darren – Oak

Tracy – Ted

Holly – Hollris

Me -Henry

Erin Dee – Pipsneaker

Erin was very little when we lost Gramp.  She gets to hear stories every so often. I try very hard to make sure she know’s just how much she was loved by our grandfather before he passed away.  There was something about Erin that just made Gramps day.  Even when he couldn’t get out of bed, Erin would dart off to his room when she got there and stick her finger out.  Gramp would touch his finger to hers and off she’d go.  It was like she was just checking in on him to make sure he was ok.

Fall brings back all those wonderful memories for me especially when it gets later towards Christmas and the family gets together and share all the remember when’s.  Or at least I would hope they do…..I’m to many miles away to know what truly goes down at those events.

But Fall, ah….Fall.  The leaves are gorgeous this time of year in northern Maine.  Huge Maple trees burst forth with a color pallet that paints the sky.  The patchwork ground becomes a canvas for those magnificent trees.  All is right in the world when Fall appears.

Harvesting the potato fields.


A huge thank you to Lovena for taking these pictures and posting them on Facebook.  It keeps me linked to my hometown and my family.  Through all the seasons and all these years apart all I need to do is see a picture she’s posted and I’m transported back to the County and all is well.

Wish I was there – sad I’m not

Hope everyone is have a good Monday!  Thanks for stopping in so I can share a little bit of my hometown and memories with you.

That leaves me with two questions for you:

Where do you hail from?  What do you miss the most?





29 thoughts on “A Northern Maine State of Mind”

  1. I hail from MA and live in CT. I’m not much of a wanderer, but I’d like to move to AZ someday. I agree that I’d miss the fall, as it’s my favorite season. I’d also miss Mystic!

    1. I too lived in Mass 🙂 it was a brief stay before Florida – about 15 months. I guess you could say I’m a Maniac, Masshole and not sure what you’d call me now since I’m in Florida. Maybe a hot mess – and not the good kind!

  2. I am so Happy you’re enjoying the photo’s. When Terry and I were in Oklahoma for a short time , we so missed Home….and when Iva sent us the Star Herald we loved it . It was awesome to see news from home, and photo’s of the area. So, I make it a point to post them especially for the ones who don’t live in the area now ! There really is no place like Home ❤

  3. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. There’s some lovely autumn (fall) scenery around here too. I’m from Nottingham in the UK – I only live an hour away, in a town that’s been very welcoming since I moved here, but I miss feeling that I belong.

    1. I replied to your comment yesterday and it seems to have lost itself somewhere in cyberspace…..lets try this again shall we…lol
      I have to agree with you – there is no place like home 🙂

  4. I am from all over the UK, sadly, and can’t really call any part of it my home.
    I am a displaced child.
    On a brighter note, I love the autumnal feel of the wide open spaces of America.
    Which brings me to ask you this;
    If you have Fall, why don’t you use ‘Fallal’ instead of ‘Autumnal?’

      1. Nah – we just call it Fall. The further North you go they say Autumn. I guess it’s because they speak more of the proper English. It gets pretty scattered once you cross the Mason-Dixon line….lol
        Why do you suppose Fall is the only season with two names? Maybe after they named it Autumn they watched the leaves fall and thought….”Hey, maybe we should shorten the name of the season to reflect what the leaves do? Yes, yes…let’s call it Fall and confuse everyone!” lol..sorry, couldn’t help it.
        My kids asked me why Fall had two “names” I told them “because it’s special”…lol

      2. Then we ought to rename Winter; Snow
        Spring could be called Blossom – and Summer? Well that could range from darn hot to raining again (UK)

  5. You clearly had an idyllic childhood – beautful part of the world. I always think of Stephen King when I hear of Maine…you can slap me upside the head if you want 😉 I hail from Melbourne, Australia originally & live in Tasmania now (but you know that) I miss the easiness of childhood…as an only child of only children I was spoilt rotten by my respective grandparents…but my Mums Mum was the one I was closest to. I used to love sitting up at the bench – which was HUGE & watch her cook. She was a coeliac but still whipped up cakes, biscuits, pies for everyone else ( me mainly) to eat. She lived to be there’s hope for me 🙂

    1. I, too, am an only child! And who doesn’t think of Mr. King when Maine is mentioned…lol My cousin just posted pictures of his house and the front gate to his house. He actually came out the front gate and went for a jog – even said hello as he passed 🙂
      There’s something special about our generation of grandparents. They knew how to bake (from scratch) every meal had something home-made.
      Us cousins had a little red chair to stand on and all the flour we could play with while she baked.

  6. Lovely post with great pictures. Went to New England for the Fall a few years back and it was gorgeous. Autumn can be hit and miss here in Suffolk. England’s summer’s affect it – too wet and the leaves don’t turn early enough, fall off into slimy messes before they are properly coloured. Too dry and the trees drop their leaves before they turn. Just beginning here now, but not a patch on your photos or on what we saw in New England.
    Sounds idyllic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a lovely post, Sonya. You are really lucky to have such wonderful memories of your childhood. This reminds me of my uncle’s farm where I spent a lot of my childhood. And you’re right – money can’t buy this kind of love 🙂

  8. Great post… I was born in Romania and now living in Australia, what I miss the most are the cold, snowy winters. Especially at Christmas.

    1. Thank you! Romania…wow! I had 11 years of snow until we moved to the sunshine state 😦 I loved getting dressed in so many layers you felt like the abominable (probably spelt that wrong) snowman. Thanks for stopping in and thanks for the comment!

  9. Nice photos. I don’t see too many trees with leaves that turn color here in Phoenix. There is a lot of greenery still around. My lemon tree has some leaves where the edges are turning yellow, but that is about it for now.

    1. Thank you. It’s like that here as well, we do have a few trees that try to give some color at this time of year but it’s brief. Nothing like the color dispaly that New England give you, that’s for sure:) Thanks for stopping in and thanks for following my blog. Have a great day!

  10. Really lovely post with great pictures and memories. I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and have lived all over the US. Now I live in North Florida where we do have a change of seasons with beautiful leaves. I love the fall and would never go back to the palm trees of South Florida!

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