Mental block = no title name *shrugs shoulders and posts anyway*

Hello all 🙂

I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late…gasp! I can’t even claim it to be writers block – more like a mental block.  I had no words of wisdom to share, no funny stories to relate. I did however go camping again 🙂 It’s getting to be that time of year where you can actually enjoy being outside and not feel like your breathing soup. Florida and all its wonderfulness (heavy sarcasm there) is miserable in the summer. You can take the girl out of New England – but you can’t take the New England out of the girl.  At least they get some sort of reprieve, we get like 2 months if we’re lucky.  So here I am enjoying the weather and an Angry Orchard cider…mmmmm

Yes, I really am part Irish – and no, I don’t usually drink with my eyes closed 🙂

I started using my cousin Lovena’s pictures with my posts. She captures the season changes and things around us that, without stopping to look, we miss. She shares them on Facebook on a group that she created called Just Looking Around. I’ve asked for her permission to use some of her photos in my own creations for Fae Tis Moor and she said yes! Awesomeness!

I plan on using this one on one of my next creations.

There getting all geared up for Winter up north and we’re watching the news for Hurricane updates. Remind me again why I stay in Florida?!?!

Yeah, so anyways……it’s been a busy week or so. My kitchen table has looked like a craft store exploded on it. Tomorrow will be the final day to finish up everything we’re taking with us for the Fall Festival at Celebration. Candace will be setting up a corner just for her book Born in Flames and book swag 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the day brings for us!

We even have fancy new business cards and a banner for our booth – we’re getting all high-class and ish 🙂 Truthfully, we’re trying to make ourselves look like the real business we are. It’s not easy starting out – let alone getting a name like Fae Tis Moor out there. Most times we find people staring at the name and sounding it out. Usually one of us steps in and breaks it down for them Fae Tis Moor – Fate is more, a play on words that trips people up…..a lot!  Oops, that’s what you get when you put two creative minds together and said creative minds want something that sticks out and says “hey look how creative we are!” Wow that was a mouthful.

So that’s how Candace, me and our hubbies are going to be spending our weekend.

How about you? Any big plans?


14 thoughts on “Mental block = no title name *shrugs shoulders and posts anyway*”

  1. Well, here in New England we are also hurricane watching–at least here in CT! I tried to find your company on Etsy, but I coudn’t? I started my own Esty for book swag 🙂 and possibly my paintings, if I ever have time to paint again, sigh!

    1. lol…..yeah I totally didn’t think about the fact that the hurricanes just chug right on up the coast line every time…see mental block in action on that one 🙂 I took down the few things that were posted on Etsy yesterday and plan on putting some stuff back on there once the craft fairs have passed. I did however find yours and added it to our favorites! Your necklaces are awesome! I just made 4 of them for Candace – came out pretty good if I do say so myself. You paint too! Is there nothing you can’t do?…lol You’re like the creative version of Super Women!

    1. I’ve looked and looked but there is just no “like” button on here…sigh. So I will make my own 🙂
      Beer, chicken wings (hot) and world domination…..life gets no better than that!

  2. It’s raining and getting cold in Ohio so my plans are to stay inside and be thankful it’s not snow. Maybe I’ll do some writing. The house will be quiet because my wife is going to an outlet mall with her girlfriends. Not that I’m implying that my wife makes noise. See, now your weekend plans aren’t looking so bad, right? 🙂

    1. 🙂 They are looking rather windy at the moment…lol Sandy is making her presence known to all I suppose. Fingers crossed we don’t end up in OZ! And if by some chance we do – we’ll just set up shop and sell there 🙂 Have a great weekend writing Doug!

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