Saturday success!

Hello all!

Saturday was successful!

Fall Festival at Celebration, FL

From 2 – 8 we waved goodbye to some of our beloved pieces and wished them well on their way to their new homes! This is extremely exciting for us being the new business that we are!  Celebration was our 3rd craft fair and our best so far 🙂

We sold 5 of Candace’s paintings….what!!!!

Not only did we get to sell some cool art, we sold necklaces, bracelets and even part of our display.

We came prepared too!  Candy….oh yes a jack-o-lantern filled with sugary goodness for the kiddies had mom’s and dad’s stopping right there in front of our booth.

As the kiddies reached in for their treat I handed the surrounding adults Candace’s bookmark. Oh, yes we had it all covered at that point.

The beginning started a little slow and was the perfect time for a coffee…I needed one terribly! So off I went with the hubby and when I got back Candace had sold a painting! About 2 hours later Candace went off to find a restroom and I sold not one, not two but three of her paintings to one person! Moral of the story? One of us needs to leave for a short amount of time and we sell some ish! It always happens like that too – every time we’ve set up to sell when one of us leaves the booth, the other makes a sale!

Hocus Pocus even stopped in for a quick visit to let Candace try out a broom 🙂

Hocus Pocus

All in all we had a fantastic Saturday! Hope you did as well.

Our next craft fair will be in Harmony, FL December 15th. Can’t wait to see what that brings for us!

If you’re interested in any of our art you can find us on Facebook – just look for Fae Tis Moor. With a little more time – I will have our new website up and running. Once it’s published I will let everyone know.

Thanks for stopping in. How was your Saturday?




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