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Who needs resolutions when you can just wing it!

"If you love your country, you're gonna have to love moonshine" ~Tickle
“If you love your country, you’re gonna have to love moonshine” ~Tickle

Hello 2013!

So glad you could make it….would have really sucked if you hadn’t.  See, I have these plans and you were definitely needed to fulfill them. I had to say goodbye to 2012 and was happy to do so.  2012 was a wasted year, enough so, that I will try very hard to delete it from my memory.

Oh…I can’t do that? Well fine then!!I’ll stick with the lesson’s learned bit and swallow my pride, my failures and my mistakes. Whatever…I’m a big girl.  See I can even drink from a mason jar if the time calls for it……..

My recap of 2012? Shit…most of it :/

Lets see…I’ve moved. Not because I wanted to and we’ll leave it at that. However the silver lining to that is a bigger house. Bigger floors, more cleaning….ugh and damn!

NaNoWriMo = epic failure…lol   No biggie on this one, I figured it would end like that, it did however motivate me to get a little further on my second book.

My long-awaited email back from the publisher that asked for my Manuscript – not a bad email, she’s interested but the story isn’t quite there yet.  Working on that right now because failure on this is not an option for me….at all!

She wants to see it again after I’ve fixed a few things, so there is hope for me yet.I didn’t hit the lottery…….ok that’s stretching the failures of 2012 a bit but damn it I really wanted to win! My father asked me what my new years resolution is…..I told him I wasn’t committing to anything except for telling it like it is and drinking a lot of Crown Maple when I can’t change things. The way I see it, Crown is about to have a lot of alcohol sold. Nah…..well maybe, that stuff is yummy! Mix it with Vanilla Coke and watch out. Looks like Coke will be making out too 🙂

My treadmill and I are going to develop a love hate relationship because I’m going to love hating it as I get back to a healthier me.And it helps blow out the cobwebs, gets the old heart going and it’s also a good excuse to blast 30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill, really loud in my ears.

I have set a straight course to my happy place because I’m so damn tired of living in crappy-unhappy-ville! True story: Brought in the new year with all my nearest and dearest. At the stroke of midnight ,after the new years kiss, my husband (the smart-ass) says to me “So do you want me to bring the treadmill out now?”

I brought the dang thing out myself today…HA!

So 2013 are you up for the challenge? Because so help me…if you turn out like 2012 there won’t be enough Crown Maple in the world to set it right. Happy New year to my fellow bloggers – cheers….I mean hears to a great start to the new year.

2 Miles on the treadmill today and 6 chapters in on fixing my story – I’ve spoken my piece ( and it’s only the second day of the year…oh boy, this could get interesting!


4 thoughts on “Who needs resolutions when you can just wing it!”

  1. AH! 30 Seconds to Mars The Kill is on my playlist for the novel I am working on now!!!! Crazy, huh???
    I was just thinking of you and wondering how the manuscript went. That’s encouraging that she still wants to see it again! I’m sure this will be the year for you! I’m planning on publishing 3 books…one a children’s book…that should be interesting. Graduate college, open my marketing company, and get Amazon to hire me in their marketing e-book department…We shall see…

    1. Wow….!!! Sounds like a full and exciting year for you ~ I wish you the best of luck with it 🙂
      You’re right – this is gonna be my year, I refuse to believe anything else 😀

  2. A Mason jar…cool. I bought my significant other two Jeremiah Weed mason jars for Christmas (yes, she did ask for them – it wasn’t just a random gift).
    regarding your treadmill – do you type as you walk? Just thinking that if you had a shelf at the front you could exercise both brain AND body for hours on end! 🙂
    Hope 2013 turns out better for you.

    1. If I tried to type and walk I would be posting from the ER in traction…lol When Candace and I worked together we had a free membership to the corporate gym….now that was a set-up…big elipticals with the shelf and t.v. – you could find us rocking out with our ipods and the tv going just for something to look at. Now I look at my wall and blast my music so loud I’ll probably be partially deaf by next month 🙂
      Jeremiah Weed mason jars……..I think I like her already …lol
      Hope that you are having a most awesome 2013 my friend, it’s already shaping up to be a great one for me.

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