My Crazy Life

Aca-Believe it!

Aca-believe itOh yes…believe it my e-friends 🙂 I am walking away from the book that is sitting right there on the verge of being a book – or as close as it can be before it’s approved by a publisher.  A publisher who is “interested” in it (I might add) if I get it cleaned up and resubmitted.

And why would I do that, you ask? Because it is pissing me off…I answer.

Yes it’s feeling forced and I don’t like that – I’ve cut a lot of the blah out and revved it up but now I need more. Scenes are brewing in my head behind a closed door – closed to even me…*shrug*  s’okay ~ I got nothing’ but time 😉

Can you tell I watched Pitch Perfect? Funny movie and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is hilarious!

I’ve not done any blogs because there hasn’t been anything to talk about. Up until last Friday all has been calm at Casa de Loveday…that is at least until my son fell out of a tree. *SIGH* yes he broke his elbow – or rather chipped the bone on both sides of his elbow. Tomorrow he goes to the Orthopedic to see if they will put him in a full cast.

Will and his elbow

More exciting news..well for me it’s exciting –  we’ve booked our trip north for my Cousin’s wedding this summer. I can’t wait to see all my family – maybe they will give me lots of interesting things to write about, they are the crazy side so it looks promising 😉 That’s it for now – as I continue on with my new projects I will post excerpts so you can see that I really haven’t given up on my writing and you WILL see something from me come Hell, high water or broken bones 🙂 har har har…..I know.  So what’s been goin’ on with you?


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