My Crazy Life

Dear WordPress…..

Dear WordPress…you are aggravating me….that is all.

Ugh, so I was going to sit down and try to do a blog and I’ve spent the last 10 minutes watching the little circle go round and round without stopping :/

I can’t even see any of the blogs on the reader – which means I can’t catch up on what everyone else is doing because of the spinning circle of nothingness.

And…….I’m pretty sure it hypnotized me and sometime within the immediate future I will strut around like a chicken when someone says the word subliminally hidden in the swirly mess I was greeted with earlier…..eesh!

***Rant over….sorry***

It’s been a fairly busy yet unproductive week at my house. I seem to be having more unproductive time than anything else. Guess that goes with the job description of being a mom.

Thankfully Will’s arm is not as bad as we thought and by the 21st he should be ok to keep the splint off. Unless he’d like to go climb the tree again and really break it this time. Lets hope he learned his lesson.

He does however have the coolest looking bruise….Wills bruise

For now that’s all I got…I will hopefully have 6 sentences from my WIP for you guys on Sunday – I would call it a book but it’s about 50k words shy of being one….bahahaha – oh well, all in due time.

Take care my e-friends 🙂

OH! and to my Tasmanian friends – stay safe!!  I hope for a good soaking rain to put out those devastating fires.


11 thoughts on “Dear WordPress…..”

  1. 50k words short? Does that mean that you are half-way there? 🙂
    I’ve also been following the antipodean misfortunes – we have ‘rellies’ near Brisbane and they’ve suffered the most awful flooding. 😦

    1. Andrew – I’m half way of half way…which would be part of the way I suppose…lol Hope your ‘rellies’ are ok! Time for Mother Nature to get off her dang high horse and chill for a while!

  2. Tasmania is burning and New England is snowed in…I, with no power, at my parent’s house for what seems like the 10th time this year. I say it’s time for my landlord to invest in a generator!!!! Hopefully, the pipes don’t freeze.That is a knarly bruise! I can’t wait for Six Word Sunday and see that work in progress! I just started another one…a novella this time to fill in the voids that Deadly Sins was creating emotionally!!!

    1. Hope you’ve made it through Nemo with no problems 🙂 A generator would be very nice to keep the heat going…brrrr. And busted pipes would really suck! I remember my parents turning on one faucet to run all night so that wouldn’t happen. I just finished my read through of what I’d written several years ago – now all I need to do is pick up where I left off and finish it. Good luck with your novella!

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