Writing in progress!

A sneak peek at Casted

As promised here is a snippet from my work in progress. I’m pretty excited with how this story is shaping up in my mind – Maybe it’s because I’ve had a little more writing time under my belt and I’m not trying to force it – the words flow from my mind to the screen and I leave them there – I’ll go back when it’s all said and done to cut what isn’t needed and leave what is.  I still have to come up with a name…lol

This particular scene is where our main characters Jade and Dagger are on the run from the Triad. The Triad has been hunting Jade since they murdered her parents and learned of her existence. Dagger’s coven has put him in charge of keeping her safe and hidden while they create a diversion to lead the Triad on a wild goose chase – but the odds are stacked against them as the Triad seems to be one step behind them at every turn.  So without further ado……..(please excuse any missing punctuation and such…I am by no means and editor…lol)


“We have two minutes tops before they blow this whole place up around us. If the safe houses are as you say then we have no choice….we need to take her to Edge.” Julie turned to the wall and pulled a small piece of paneling away to show an intricate design. It began to glow a faint purple light when she placed her fingers against it.

“No,” Dagger pulled her hand away. “He’s the last person I would have Jade near.”

“We don’t have any other option! You can’t take her to another safe house and you can’t put her out with the Mick’s. Think about it…they would never guess you took her there.” Julie said.

“I don’t like it.  He’s……” Dagger didn’t finish his sentence.

“It’s protected!!!….” Julie yelled above the groaning coming from the house. It was a matter of second’s before we’re crushed under all the rubble.

“It’s protected by dark magic! How do you figure that benefits us?” Dagger yelled.

“We can fight about it after we get there,” Julie snapped back at him.


Hope you enjoyed – can’t wait to jump back on it today and get a few more chapters in. Have a great day y’all!!  Now I’ll leave you with a bit humor….



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