Almost there!!!

Hello everyone!

So I’m finally able to get on to most of my stuff here on WordPress. Still can’t see my stats, but then again I’ve been horribly absent on here as of late so there isn’t any stats to see *shrug*.

I’ve been very busy these last few months and can excitedly say……my book is going into edits! YAY!!!!!!!

I’ve got a cover artist lined up. The awesome Ravven will be doin’ her thang 🙂 and I can’t wait to see it! For now I’ve created an image with the synopsis.

Wanna see? Ok!

Coming soon! Summer 2013
Coming soon! Summer 2013

I’ve kicked my author page on Facebook into high gear, trying to create a following before the book is released. It still feels a little surreal right now saying I’m an author. Technically that coveted title is a little over a month away…but still.

And sadly, am still struggling with Twitter. I’m working on understanding it though. Gonna have to buy the Twitter for Dummies book before it’s all said and done…lol

Anyways. I hope everyone is doing good. I can’t wait to sit down and catch up on all I’ve missed!

Got anything new going on your way?



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