Casted, My Crazy Life

Off to the Formatters!

….yep that’s right! Casted is now in the creative hands of my Formatters. Ravven and Phil will be polishing everything up nice and purdy for Casted to be released on the world. (insert evil laugh here).

Hi! how’s everyone doing?

I am faaaabulous! Not only am I getting thisclose to being able to call myself a real author but I’ve also just come back from vacation. I feel…..refreshed.

And what an awesome vacation it was! Spending time with family that I haven’t seen in too long was definitely a sure way to cure the homesickness I’ve felt. For now anyway. I’m sure given a few more weeks I will be in family withdrawl again 😦  And I have a HUGE family, so it’s a lot to miss. Anyone else get the “I’m thousands of miles away blues”?

The good news is that my kids will have stories to tell and moments to remember for the rest of their lives. So will I!

Fresh lobstah from the dock….oh yes!

Here's the lobstah...where's the buddah?
Here’s the lobstah…where’s the buddah?

Watching my cousin say I do……..EPIC!


My uncle and I dancing like fools at my cousin’s wedding at Belgian Meadow Farm….most definetly!

My daughter getting to ride a massive horse at Belgian Meadows Farm…..check!IMG_4095

My son catching his ninety-somthing-ish fish…..hook, line and sinker!


Visiting my cousin in Freeport, Maine and then walking along the rocks in Cape Elizabeth, Maine…..check and check!

Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Checking out the Pier at Old Orchard Beach….been there done that!


Climbing all over the boot at L.L.Bean in Freeport, Maine……broke that rule!


Listening to the Loons cry out as we sip our coffee off the deck of a lake house in Milton, NH……oh yeah!

My dad making shingles at the farms saw mill in Lebanon, Maine……totaly awesome!

dad making shingles

My mom sitting back and relaxing for the first time in YEARS……made it happen!


A blow out 4th of July fireworks show from the dock of the lake house…..boom!


The laughter of my children and family in all of those moments…….priceless!

Two weeks went by too fast 😦 And there were many more memories I will forever treasure. There is nothing more important than family.

I leave you with this….. Belgian Meadows Farm was one of the most awesome places we visited! You should check out their site and if you are anywhere near Lebanon, Maine… is well worth a trip! Tell Steve, the Florida crew say hi!

Oh! and I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have a solid date for publishing!

What have you been up to this summer?


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