Romancing September – author Sonya Loveday (Day 21)

I’m a little behind on this, but yesterday I was the featured author on Rosie Amber and Stephanie Hurt’s blog for their Romancing September Across the World Tour. Thank you for having me on your blog ladies!

Rosie Amber

Day 21 of the Romancing September Across the World Tour, today our guest is Sonya Loveday (What better name could you have for a romance author?) Meet Sonya here and then in a few hours catch up with her again as she talks about writing romance in today’s society with Stephanie over in Georgia USA.

Sonya Loveday

Let’s go and find out more about Sonya;

1) Where is your hometown?

I currently reside in Central Florida in a ‘small’ town called St. Cloud. I was born in Presque Isle, Maine and wish for the weather they have. Florida heat is brutal in the summer.

2) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been actively writing since 2009. I started writing Casted along side of another book that is written but not finished, if that makes sense. I picked Casted back up around April 2012 and completed it.

3) Have you always written…

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