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12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop and Giveaway

on December 10, 2013

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Blog Hop:  12 Days of Christmas

Event Date:  December 1st  – 12th 2013

Hosted by: As You Wish Reviews & Confessions of the Paranormal
Sponsors: As You Wish Tours & Book Dragon Designs

Forgotten CookiesForgotten Cookies

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2 egg whites, at room temperature 3/4 c. sugar 1 16 oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate bits
Preheat oven to 375°F for 15 minutes.

Beat egg whites until stiff. Gradually add sugar until thoroughly mixed. Fold in chocolate.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or use a silicone baking sheet.

Drop mixture by teaspoonfuls onto lined cookie sheet, spacing cookies 2 inches apart.

Place cookie sheet in oven and turn oven off. Leave cookies in the oven – do not open the door until oven has completely cooled!

Makes about 2 dozen.

Casted by Sonya Loveday

Casted by Sonya Loveday

Jade had spent the majority of her life running from the Triad. The Triad, are a powerful group, who would stop at nothing to obtain Jade and the missing spell book for leader, Lorenzo’s, nefarious plans. And now that she has absorbed the highly coveted magic contained inside the missing book, there is nowhere left for her to hide.

With the help of her friends, Jade steps out from the shadows and learns how to fight back. But no one is prepared for Elinor-the woman bound inside of the book that’s trapped in Jade’s mind. Now she not only needs to protect herself from the Triad, but from what’s hiding inside her mind as well.

Jade never expected the answer to it all would revolve around love.

Edge is dark, mysterious, and a sworn member of the Triad. He also hides a secret past that threatens the thin line he walks between good and evil. Lives are at stake when Jade and Edge’s two worlds collide. Can Jade learn to trust him when he says he is her pre-ordained and vows to do everything he can to protect her? But more importantly, can she trust herself and the woman in her mind?

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Grand Prize: $150 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
First Prize: One (1) eBook from Every Participating Author




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23 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop and Giveaway

  1. Sounds yummy. Book looks great. Thanks.

  2. Rachiel Rainwater says:

    Love the giveaway thanks for the chance Hope I win

  3. Rachel says:


  4. Miranda says:

    Great blog,Sonya.Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. sheila ryals says:

    The Recipe looks yummy! Thanks for the chance for giveaways and a look at your book! it is now on my to be read list!

  6. Maria P says:

    Love the cover of your book, and those cookies look delicious! Hopping though and stopping by from the Mega Author Christmas Party!

    -Maria @ Reading the Alphabet

  7. Sounds like a good book! The cookies look yummy

  8. Amy Hart says:

    Yay I love cookies! Thanks for the chance too!

  9. Stacy says:

    Adding those to my baking list…yum-my!!

  10. kara says:

    I was here! And those “forgotten cookies” would not be forgotten at my house! Beautiful blog by the way:)

  11. skinnydipr says:

    great blog, books and cookies, my favorites!

  12. I cant wait to make these cookies.. Love the Mega Author Christmas party

  13. Shelby M says:

    Hi Sonya! Thanks for the giveaway! Those cookies would not be forgotten in this house!

  14. book and cookies sound good!

  15. Cheryl Davis says:

    Hey, it’s Cheryl Davis from the Mega Author Christmas Party! I stopped by to say hi! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 😀

  16. Lulu Vega says:

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway, you are awesome. 😉

  17. Heidi says:

    Hi Sonya Clause just stopped by to say thank you for the give away.Have a Merry Merry Christmas.3:-)

  18. Donna Reynolds says:

    Hi Donna stopping by from the Mega Author Event Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  19. Thank you all for stopping in! Don’t forget to check out the other authors! I wish you all the best of luck and Merry Christmas!

  20. Sheila Ryals says:

    Thanks for the recipe. It sounds almost like devinity my mom use to make! Thank you for the giveaway as well!!

  21. PATRICIA BOOTH says:

    Christmas eve together ❤

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