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Novel Grounds Literary Awards

It’s that time again!!
And what time is that, you ask?
It’s time to take a second and head on over to Novel Grounds and show some author love!
Because….Novel Grounds Literary Awards are OPEN for Nominations for their Semi Annual Literary Awards!
NG semi anual literary awards banner
Nominations  will be accepted from January 11th through  January 16th 2014
All finalist will be notified January 18th and the voting opens January 20th!
Winners will be announced January 31st!
I’ve had the privilege of winning one of these awards in the past and I can’t tell you what it means to be able to say that something I created was not only noticed and liked, but recognized.  So please take a second and think about the last author that transported you from your couch into their world and left you wanting more!
Once you have the author(s), Character(s), book(s) in mind, please click this Nomination Link and fill out the information.
Novel Grounds Nomination Rules as posted by Novel Grounds:
NO other form of nomination will count.
If you would like to enter more than one nominee for a category, submit a new form.
Include the book name for the category you’re entering a nominee. (ex. Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey)
All Books Nominated must have been published in the last year. January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014.
REMEMBER: This is not the final voting! Please enter only ONE NAME per category. If you have more than one Author to Nominate PLEASE fill out a new form. Thanks !

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