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Work in Progress Blog Hop Challenge

I was recently nominated by Andrew Toynbee, my friend across the pond,  to share my opening sentences with everyone who reads my posts.

In this challenge I’m supposed to post, as required, the opening sentence from each of the first three chapters of my current WIP, ‘End Note’, book 2 of The Six Series. Not sure if the title will change yet, for now it’s a good working title 😉

This particular book is the sequel to The Summer I Fell, book 1 of The Six Series – and while we’re on the subject of ‘The Six Series’, I feel that I should clarify something for you. ‘The Six Series’ by no means, means 6 books for the series – in fact it is named so for Ace, Jared, Mark, Josh, Eli and Aiden …hence, The Six Series. To date, I have several ideas of what’s to come after book 2, but nothing set in stone.


Okay, let’s get on with it, shall we?


Chapter One:

I tapped my credit card against the counter,sure there had to be some sort of mistake. “Can you check again?”


Chapter Two:

Standing in the middle of the parking lot, I realized two things.


Chapter Three:

The entire back wall of the bus was lined with wire-mesh lockers.


Cryptic huh?  *insert evil laughter here*


Thank you, Andrew, for nominating me. This was fun 🙂

Everyone, please take a few minutes to check out Andrew’s blog. I’ve mentioned his book A Construct of Angels before on my Facebook page, but I’ll mention it again…or well, I just did. I loved it, and can’t wait to feast my eyes on the next book,  A Vengeance of Angels!

And now for my nominations:

Candace Knoebel

Stephanie Hurt

Sabina Bundgaard







4 thoughts on “Work in Progress Blog Hop Challenge”

  1. I am excited to know book 2 is in the process of being written. I can’t wait to see what happens in the story. I am seriously hoping Jake isn’t dead. I am a former and current military spouse. It really hit home with how Riley responded. It was definitely well put for that situation. Even though that was well written am hoping Riley is right and Jake is alive because that would be really sad if he wasn’t. I love the dynamics between the seven. You wrote the book very well and am looking to reading future books of yours. I also hoping to hear a little more about aiden’s military adventures too. I am assuming he went to the Airforce since he went to Texas for basic? And it doesn’t particularly state what branch Ace went to but it sounds like Army since he went to Georgia.

    1. Thank you, Jamie!
      I’m trying my hardest to get the second book finished, so that I can get it out to readers by the end of the year. While I can’t tell you much right now about Aiden and Ace, I can tell you that you’re questions will be answered in book 2 🙂
      Thank you for getting in touch with me ~ I love hearing from my readers!

  2. I am so impressed with this first book. You did a wonderful job, and inspire me to write. I love this book, and am playing so many scenarios in my head of what could happen next! I love this book and can’t wait for the next!

  3. I am so impressed with this book. I love your book and I love your writing. You inspire me to write myself. I started on my own book tonight. And I am super happy that I did. I can’t wait for the following books to come out, I am super excited! You are an amazing writer. 😊

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