Cover Reveal Sign Up and More…..

IEIF cover reveal promo

I’m so excited to announce that the cover reveal for the third installment of The Six Series is happening soon!

The reveal is being hosted by Dream Boom Services. Any blogger interested in helping to share the awesome cover that Sprinkles on Top Studios created can sign up HERE!

Also, I’ve been working hard over the last two months and am happy to say that If Ever I Fall is now sitting in my editors inbox!

*insert happy dance*

That also means I have a release date set!

Yep…that’s right! June 6th, 2015 If Ever I Fall is getting kicked out of the nest to spread its wings! And just in time for UtopYa 2015!

That’s right, I’ll be there all set up with the bestest Candace Knoebel alongside all the other amazing authors attending! Will you be there?

On a side note, I’m getting everything together so that each blog hosting the cover reveal will have the Pre-Order link as well.

In other news:

The Summer I Fell Blog Tour just ended. Each day during the tour I posted the link to each blog.

Why am I telling you this? That’s a fair question!

I’m telling you this because one of the hosting blogs got an interview with Josh. In that interview is a little background history of the Six. I’ve had numerous readers/reviewers say they wished there was more about the Six before they were dropped smack dab in the middle of their lives.

Are you one of those readers/reviewers? Than you don’t want to miss the blog posting by A Thousand Words A Million Books. Just click HERE and I’ll teleport your browser right on over. Just kidding, the internet will do it for you. But wouldn’t that be cool if I had that kind of power?!

Thanks for stopping in! You can check out my Facebook author page for the other amazing bloggers that participated in the blog tour. There are excerpts, interviews and reviews a plenty for your reading pleasure!

Now that I’ve word vomited all of  exciting news, I leave you with one question…

What up and coming event are you most excited for?

Have a great day!


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