Sonya Loveday

Let me build you a world you can fall into.

The one and only….me

I’m a stay at home mom, or better know as the Referee.  I have two beautiful children who behave for everyone, but me but are my world.  I have more animals then I should and love them as much as my kids….maybe more, they don’t back talk!

I’ve found that I am a Jill of all trades and master of none. I find myself floundering back and forth between my writing and a business that my very best friend and I started.

Between kids, writing and creating, it gets a whole lot of hectic!  Thankfully I have the most AMAZING husband who takes on a lot of responsiblities so that I can chase my dream.

I didn’t go to college – in fact I fall back on the term that I graduated from the school of hard knocks – and proudly have a 4.0 in it!  I can only assume those of you reading this that did go to college just inwardly groaned…it’s ok I do it too  🙂  I look back and wonder if I would have been happier or better off if I had.  Then I realize that everything I hold so dear to my heart wouldn’t be here – every person has their destiny and this is mine 🙂  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me.

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23 responses to “The one and only….me

  1. I love that family photo! I graduated from beauty college, heh heh, and still pull out the scissors now and again. (I was never any good at color, but I did enjoy wrapping a perm)

    Thanks for stopping at my blog! I love your title; if that isn’t sometimes the truth. 🙂

    • Thanks Anna! and you’re welcome 🙂
      I really could have used some hair pointers this morning. My son had his hair cut a few weeks ago into a faux hawk, he says to me this morning…(now mind you, I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee…grrr) – sorry, so he says to me..Mom, can you help me with my hair. Which means…Mom can you put this super sticky goopey stuff in my hair and make it stay. I tried, I really, really tried to make all those short pieces stay in place but his hair….sigh. Needless to say, I threw in the faux hawk towel and had to improvise. Didn’t do to bad at it either, coffee deficiency and all.
      Thanks again! I look forward to reading more of your posts and comments. Happy Friday 🙂
      ~ Sonya

  2. 4amWriter says:

    Hi Sonya, I thought I’d stop by to thank you for visiting and following my blog. I love your profile as I can relate to the kids and the pets and feeling like a referee. 🙂 Sounds like you have a full, happy life. Keep writing. Kate

  3. artzent says:

    Hello Sonya. You should not feel deprived for not going to college; what you do is so much more important. Anyway your writing is just as good if not better than many I know that spent years in college. You have a life that many would envy in spite of feeling like a referee. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I will look forward to great post from you!

    • Thank you, I really appreciate the compliment 🙂 After this mornings Lucky Charms debacle, I may still have to look into the black and white stripped shirts, maybe even a whistle. That should get their attention!
      Thanks for the comment and for the follow!
      I’m looking forward to your future posts as well.

  4. amb says:

    Hi Sonya, thanks so much for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours 🙂

  5. Just Jewel says:

    I too consider myself a Jill of all trades and a master at none 🙂 . I made several attempts to finish college but never quite made it to the finish line. Oh well, who cares. I’ve found that living my life the way I feel like it and the experiences it brings is so much more rewarding. I can definitely relate to the floundering back and forth b/w writing and a business but we’ll figure it out and I’m sure we’ll both be successful in whatever trade we land on. Best of luck to you in whatever you do and thanks for following my blog!

  6. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Look forward to checking your site out more 🙂

  7. Pat says:

    Hi – I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Hooray! Pop over to see me and take a look! – Pat

    • Thanks Pat! I will be over in just a few to collect my award and whatever warm and yummy item that has just been freshly baked and set out for us to drool over 🙂 oh- and tea too, we can celebrate the award together.

  8. Look what I did! The Booker (blog) Award, just for you and some other snazzy authors!

  9. Sonya
    I’ve just tagged you in ‘a little game’ – see for the rules. 😀

  10. Sonya
    As a thank you for all your encouragement I’ve just nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    Please see for details or watch out for today’s post!

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