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What It Takes is up for an award!

Tune in on November 1st at 7 PM EST for the Facebook live award ceremony for the Authors Talk About 2017 Book Award Contest.

WIT Finalist

I, honestly, never thought when I entered the 2017 Book Award Contest that I’d make it this far. My intention, when I submitted What It Takes to ATAI, was simple: A review/critique to this novel that would give me an insight to how far my writing has come since I started in 2009. Plus, it would give me a professional outlook on the story I’d created.

The feed back I received was nothing short of amazing. Hearing my title be announced as a finalist in the romance category is something I will never forget. That moment made it worth all the fear and angst I had putting What It Takes into a literary competition.

And no matter what, even if What It Takes doesn’t place first in the category, or become the grand prize winner, it will always be a book I can be proud of. Not bad for something that started out as a NanoWrimo project.

I’ll be tuning in on November 1st when ATAI goes live with a full heart and lots of anticipation for the winner announcement. Even if it means doing it on my phone. Why my phone? Well, you see, the universe thought it would be a great idea to crash into my schedule and double me up with two award ceremonies in one night. While my daughter is receiving her very first high school Academic Letter, I’ll be sitting on pins and needles awaiting the results of the 2017 ATAI Book Award’s. I have to admit, I sort of had my own personal meltdown when I realized her award ceremony and mine were bound to overlap. I stopped that shit real quick. Instead of worrying over time-frame overlaps, and how the hell I’m going to make it work, I smile. Why? Because I’m so friggin’ proud of both of us that there’s no room for anything else.

If you have time on November 1st at 7 PM EST, you should pop over to the Authors Talk About It Facebook page and watch the awards! Authors who’ve not heard of ATAI should take a few minutes and check out all they have to offer! Look for them on Facebook HERE, or you can go to their website HERE.

Thanks for stopping in!


I’m Feeling Pretty Honored!

And why is that you ask?

Oh my book blog best kindle author winnerBecause I was just informed yesterday that I won the 2014 Best Kindle Author over at Oh, My! Books Blog

It’s a great feeling to be recognized for the work you put into a novel and I am completely blown away by this award.

Thank you to Oh, My! Books for reading Casted and loving it!

Grab your copy of Casted today for only $0.99 before Spelled, book 2 in the Casted series releases 3/31/14


Also a huge congratulations to Felicia Tatum for winning 2014 Best Creative Book!

best creativeCheck out the book that Oh, My! Books read for this award. It’s free on Amazon ~ grab your copy today!

Mangled Hearts







And another congratulations to Andrea Johnson Beck for winning 2014 Fan Favorite!

fan favoriteCheck out the book that Oh, My! Books read for this award. It’s only $2.99 on Amazon~grab your copy today!

Deadly Deception

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Novel Grounds Literary Awards

It’s that time again!!
And what time is that, you ask?
It’s time to take a second and head on over to Novel Grounds and show some author love!
Because….Novel Grounds Literary Awards are OPEN for Nominations for their Semi Annual Literary Awards!
NG semi anual literary awards banner
Nominations  will be accepted from January 11th through  January 16th 2014
All finalist will be notified January 18th and the voting opens January 20th!
Winners will be announced January 31st!
I’ve had the privilege of winning one of these awards in the past and I can’t tell you what it means to be able to say that something I created was not only noticed and liked, but recognized.  So please take a second and think about the last author that transported you from your couch into their world and left you wanting more!
Once you have the author(s), Character(s), book(s) in mind, please click this Nomination Link and fill out the information.
Novel Grounds Nomination Rules as posted by Novel Grounds:
NO other form of nomination will count.
If you would like to enter more than one nominee for a category, submit a new form.
Include the book name for the category you’re entering a nominee. (ex. Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey)
All Books Nominated must have been published in the last year. January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014.
REMEMBER: This is not the final voting! Please enter only ONE NAME per category. If you have more than one Author to Nominate PLEASE fill out a new form. Thanks !
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I won my first Literary Award!!

That’s right, Casted was chosen for the Admin Choice Award at Novel Grounds. Check out the announcement here!

A huge thank you to Novel Grounds for this awesome award!

I’ll be sporting my badge proudly!!



Come check out my debut novel!

Casted by Sonya Loveday
Casted by Sonya Loveday


Barnes & Noble

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Novel Grounds Literary Awards!


Happy Labor Day everyone!!

Hope you’re all sitting pool side or ocean side, or whatever side makes you happy! I hope your BBQ’s are fired up and that the food is smelling yummy right about now!

As for me..I’m trying to get all of my ‘to do’s’ done so that I can go throw my kids in my parents pool. Okay, so I’m not gonna throw them – they’re too big and would take me in with them.

So I have some pretty awesome news…..

Both Candace and I have been nominated for Novel Grounds Literary Awards!

It’s been a long road for both Candace and I. We’ve walked it side-by-side through all the ups and downs, the excitement and sometimes disappointment. The best thing is…we’re walking it together. Relying on each other to keep moving forward when we reach those stumbling points that comes with the uneven ground we tread.  There are so many authors that walk this path alone. I’m grateful I have her by my side -plus she’s extremely entertaining…who else would burst into random song and dance moves – just because? And she puts up with my really odd way of thinking…no seriously, sometimes I even scare myself…he he. I provide the snarky wit and fast comebacks and she dances. We’re an equal pair her and I.

This is why getting nominated is so epically awesome – we’re at a place in our lives right now that 5 years ago we thought was more a dream than anything.

So I’m happy to announce that you can now vote for our novels *happy dance* at Novel Grounds. Here’s the categories for Casted, Born in Flames and Embracing the Flames:

Casted, Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames
Casted, Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames


Casted, Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames
Casted, Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames
Casted, Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames
Casted, Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames


Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames
Born in Flames & Embracing the Flames
Embracing the Flames
Embracing the Flames


Thanks for sticking around for all of my bragging! Yes…I’ll admit I’m bragging. I figure I’m allowed to since both Candace and I have worked very hard to be among some pretty awesome authors.

If you’re not busy…pop into Novel Grounds page and check out all the nominees and cast your vote!!

And now I leave you with this question…

What are you doing this Labor day?